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Stop your whining!

This week, at one of the programs I direct for homeschool students, we began a new activity….for the new year…..with a big new goal….a resolution of sorts….a habit-forming program….a “pie-in-the-sky-over -the -top” decree…..

The “Complaint Free World” challenge.

Oh my.

The challenge is to wear the Complaint Free World bracelet on your right wrist – continuously – for 21 days. Thus creating a new habit of not complaining. Because  “they” say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. And it typically takes 4-6 months for a CFW participant to hit the 21 consecutive days goal. Proof that forming a new habit from nothing takes 21 days and breaking a bad habit takes FOREVER.

So each participant, in our case the students and teachers, received a purple bracelet stamped with the words “A Complaint Free World.Org”. The bracelet is to be worn on your right wrist – until you complain – then it is moved to the left wrist. We passed out our bracelets during our General Assembly and did some “role playing” on what are factual statements – i.e. “I am cold” versus in your best whiny voice “I-am-soooo-cold-why-does-it-have-to-beeeeeee-soooooo-cold!!!!” (Did I mention it was 30 degrees this morning in central FLORIDA????) The kids then vowed to do their best to “not whine but shine in 2010” and off to class they went at 9:20am with no complaining in sight….

I made it about an hour.

Busted by 10:30.


The students (ages 6-12) were quite encouraging to me that I would do better tomorrow. Many of them made it the entire day without losing to the left. And one little guy even cleaned up his friend’s lunch “mess” because he didn’t want to complain about it.

This may work.

For the kids that is…..

To learn more about the Complaint Free World Challenge visit their website – and you can order yourself a purple bracelet too!

And let me know how you do on your first day….



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Traveling with BOYS – Lessons Learned

Yes, I know it has been a wait – I am failing miserably at this blogging thing! Determined to do better this week – after all it is Spring Break around here…

Anywho…to catch up…

I took my American Government *class* to Philadelphia a week or so ago. I like saying that I took my class. It sounds better that saying I took two kids. Even better than saying I took Jacob (my ds) and his friend Parker.

You know us homeschoolers…always re-defining things….

I have made several “historic journeys” north with students from our homeschool group – this was the first with “just boys”.

Here are a few lessons learned from traveling with boys –

#1 – They travel light. One carry on. Not sure of the necessity since there was not 14 outfit changes in the two days we were there. This was a typical happening when traveling with girls.

#2 – They don’t like gift shops. Especially the musuem type. This is where the girls & I would spent the majority of our time.

#3 – No Kodak moments. Neither of the guys brought a camera – even though they both own nice digitals. So we have pictures on my phone. Probably forever stuck on my phone. Not sure how to get them outta there.

#4 – Bathroom breaks are minimal. Why is that?

#5 – Final lesson learned – no matter how historically signifcant, how old, who lived there, stood there, died there, etc. sites to see & places to visit hold no comparison to the 22 high school cheerleaders that accompanied us on the flight back to Orlando. Let’s just say that when you ask about Philly, these two guys have a new vision of the “City of Brotherly L-O-V-E” and the phone numbers to prove it!

They were making it count!

Now if I could just figure out where the thingamajig is that will get these pics off my phone….

 Making it count,


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The Homeschooling Case in California…

Many of us in homeschooling leadership roles are quite concerned about this case. Not fearful or scared or wanting to march…but realizing the reality of a ruling like this one in  California could indeed – one day – have its implications here in Florida, which is where I homeschool. I pray not -and if you are a fellow Floridian, I encourage you to support our lobbyist, Brenda Dickinson and the Home Education Foundation –

The bottom line is we all need to stay informed and realize rights can be taken away.

Here are some additional links for more information on the California case:
(this is from the Homeschool Association of California and states that “The major state advocacy groups (HSC, CHN, CHEA, FPM), together with HSLDA, have been
working on strategies to address this matter.”)
(this is from Jim Werner, of Circle Christian School in Orlando)
(this one is about Schwarzenegger’s outrage over the ruling)
(Dr. Dobson calls the ruling “an assault on the family)
(this San Fransisco newspaper states that “The ruling was applauded by a director for the state’s largest teachers union”)

and lastly,

(this article has the quote from Justice Croskey -“Parents do not have a constitutional right to homeschool their children,” Justice H. Walter Croskey wrote in a Feb. 28 opinion for the 2nd District Court of Appeal.)

No matter what your personal view of HSLDA, I do urge you to research the information and to sign the petition. If you know of another organization that has the legal “presence” of HSLDA in representing homeschoolers and if they are pursuing this case and
the rights of homeschoolers, please pass that information on.

I could not find one.

HSLDA is taking some “heat” for getting involved in this fight. Why, I am not sure – except to say that some homeschoolers disagree with HSLDA’s tactics and membership fees. I, for one,  have been grateful to be a member of HSLDA for years now and view membership as $$$ well invested – to help protect my legal rights as a homeschooler and yours.

When our local community college, Brevard Community College, was asking for more inforamtion, forms, etc than what was legally required for my daughter to dual enroll in 2001, one phone call to HSLDA and then one phone call from HSLDA to BCC quickly settled the matter (and hmmm…set them straight…so to speak). It was a great comfort to have HSLDA in my corner and on the phone! And for what its worth, that phone call also helped to pave the way for today’s homeschooling students In Brevard County who dual enroll at BCC…the red tape is a LOT less now than it was seven years ago!

Thank you HSLDA for being in my corner and for helping to protect the rights of homeschoolers!

Be Blessed! Make this Day Count!


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Notes from the Coastal Curriculum Fair

I heard John Stonestreet from Summit Ministries speak today at the Coastal Curriculum Fair in Vero Beach. As always, he was powerful and direct. His words rang true on many different levels – but none more so than when he spoke on:

Why Secular Education is Doomed to Fail”

Some of the key points John brought to mind are:

“Education in itself without character (education/building) is dangerous”

And on the secular curriculum models – pondering “What does it do?” versus “What is it for?”

Are we raising and educating human “doings” – who know what to do, how to do it, etc. or is the goal to raise human beings who know why they are here and what they are here “for” (God’s plan, purpose & pleasure)?

Bottom line – the secular education model is not going to point your children to God, to His plan, or to His purpose. It has no moral value. It will teach them how to make a living but will not educate them on how to make a life that brings glory and honor to their Creator. How can it when the secular education model does not honor their Creator?

It was an amazing seminar.

To learn more, visit

John will also be speaking at the FPEA Convention in May and Worldview Ministries will be hosting the Teen & Children’s program during the convention.

Here is a YouTube clip of John speaking:

Be Blessed! Make this Day Count!


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