Making it back… blogging!

We won’t talk about how long it has been since I have posted…..or how I so didn’t make my goal of keeping up the blog or even come close to maintaining this *simple* once a week post last year….nope, not going to talk about it.

Just going to start new.


As Anne Shirley says, “Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.”

I think the same applies to new years and to empty blog pages.

And as Henry Ford said, “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.”

So here’s to beginning again – setting a new goal, this time more wisely and striving to make it count!


January 2, 2011

Outside my window…

a beautiful morning…..although it looks like it might rain…..which is okay, we need it!

I am thinking…

about all that this year holds. Trying to listen for my “one word” for the year. So far only “focus” has come to mind….

Also, thinking about new opportunities….more to come on this later……

I am thankful for…

new years. new weeks. new days. new minutes. new moments. new mercies.

And a new little life debuting in April!

From the learning rooms…

working on those schedules, curriculum lists and resource lists, handouts and seminars, calendars and plans….

some things never change!

From the kitchen…

peppermint tea with honey. Fighting off a sore throat and stuffy nose with a headache. Been with too many *sickies* this week.

I am wearing…

pj’s…. =)

I am creating…

a master-calendar of the comings and goings of the Calvert family for 2011. We are all over the place world this year – literally!

I am going…

to church at noon, if the headache settles down….if not, I’ll watch North Point online – it is great. always.

I am reading…

Living on the Edge by Chip Ingram. Will probably re-read Good to Great by the same author this week, too. It is a great book for goal setting and the new year….impacted my life greatly. Did I mention it’s great?

I am hoping…

to ward off this “sniffley” thing and to be ready – in all areas – for our first teacher’s meeting of the year on Tuesday. Lots to do….

I am hearing…

Robbie Seay – Shine Your Light on Us –  on my Pandora channel…….

Around the house…

packing up Christmas – well, trying to! Still have the beast to tackle……on today’s list!

One of my favorite things…

Dreaming and planning……been doing a little of that this week…..plan to do much in the next one or two…..waiting for my annual inspiration event to happen……see next….

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Meetings – working – AND my favorite way to start the year……Linda Werner’s New Year, New Goals, New YOU! Seminar!

If you are in the Orlando area,  consider joining us next Saturday, January 8th – Linda will also be speaking in the Tampa area on Saturday, January 15th – find out more at the Legacy Principles website –

Here is picture for a thought I am sharing…

Missing this girl already – she has started a new year long adventure in Colorado and will be missing this boy as he leaves tomorrow to return to his adventure in Boston and then the UK!

Visit here for more daybook entries:


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