Simple Woman’s Day Book

Life has been anything but simple lately, but that’s okay.

I love my crazy, busy life!


February 27, 2010

Outside my window…

the sun is beginning to rise. It is cold….still. But I love it…..

I am thinking…

about all I need to accomplish this weekend to prepare for our HUGE Family/Parent Meeting on Tuesday. I love BIG!

I am thankful for…

my work. And who I work for. Got a very nice surprise this week. I love my work – it is not a job, it is a calling that I happen to get paid for. I am blessed!

From the learning rooms…

working on curriculum lists and resource lists, handouts and seminars, calendars and plans….

From the kitchen…

what’s that? Oh you mean that place I get my coffee and morning bagel???? I guess it is doing okay – I only visited it once a day – early in the morning…. =)

I am wearing…

pjs….and socks. It is cold. Did I mention that already???

I am creating…

display boards for Tuesday night. I love to create….once I get going at it that is!

I am going…

to a baby shower this morning – round 2 for sweet Lis G and then to get my hair done. I hate being “trapped in the chair” – but as I always told my girls – “it hurts to be beautiful”!!!

I am reading…

Lemonade to Leadership – a new curriculum/program I am introducing this week to our families….

I am hoping…

to sanely accomplish everything I need to and to stay healthy and sleep….I tend to pull an all-nighter when its crunch time like this…..getting too old for that!

I am hearing…

quiet. and the birds outside my window.

Around the house…

haven’t been around the house much this week. Busy week with twelve teacher interviews, three Open Houses, two SHARE Fairs, a Good to Great session, an Anniversary in there somewhere, teacher evaluation conversations, a nice surprise or two sprinkled in the week, one big meeting with over 30 new teacher prospects…..I have slept and showered here. That’s about it!

One of my favorite things…

children. At our “SHARE” Fair this week, one little girl did her project on “What I love about HOUSE”…..and she listed me! “One of  favorite things about HOUSE is Mrs. Calvert. I love her and she trades pins with me“……MADE. MY. DAY. WEEK. MONTH. YEAR. This is what life is about.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

not much left to the week – but so much to do! See above!

Here is picture for a thought I am sharing…

Celebrated another year of being married to my best friend  on Tuesday. Another anniversary apart – but not in our hearts…..53 days to go until he’ll be home!!

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