Simple Woman’s Daybook Wk3

This year I have challenged myself to participate weekly in

“The Simple Woman’s Daybook” writings…..

Here is the third of what I hope to be many….52 to be exact.


January 21, 2009

Outside my window…

the sun is trying to peek through what looks to be the start of a very cloudy day…..

I am thinking…

about my daughter on the other side of the world. Chatted online with her for a few minutes this morning….she “sounds” good….which is good.

I am thankful for…

my children. They are each unique beings and have taught me so much about life.

From the learning rooms…

working on two seminars I am presenting on Saturday…..

From the kitchen…

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend coffee with just plain ole’ creamer. Bleh. Someone needs to get to the grocery store….for creamer – flavored creamer – that is. Been a busy week….no time for grocery shopping….

I am wearing…

gray sweater, black tank, gray/black slacks….work clothes. Up and ready for the day….

I am creating…

more plans for our K-8 students….the “extra-curriculars” – in other words, the FUN stuff!

I am going…

to see AMY GRANT tonight!!! CANNOT WAIT!! Her music speaks to me – always has!  We clean house around here to “Heart in Motion”….her song “Ask Me” has always been instrumental in letting go of hurts from my childhood. I want “My Father’s Eyes” sang at my funeral.

I am reading…

my oldest daughter’s new blog! Love to read her thoughts and words!

I am hoping…

to take down the beast this weekend. Yep, the Christmas tree is STIIL UP!!

I am hearing…

Brandon Heath singing “I’m Not Who I Was” on Pandora….playing on my phone….

Amy Grant Worship is my station choice this morning….

love this song….kinda a theme song for my life….

Around the house…

still Christmas decorations aching to be put away – Sunday….maybe.

One of my favorite things…

skyping with my husband. Helps the 187 days that we have been apart tug at my heart a little less….can’t wait to see him in April!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

three more “Focus On” meetings with Circle….we got a “YES” to our dream facility last week!


Books & Beyond Seminar….

more planning and developing for the new year!

Here is picture for a thought I am sharing…

From the Ford & Edison Museum… Henry Ford’s thoughts on children and dancing….and “social courtesies”….this is my tagline for a new Circle program I am dreaming about!

Visit here for more daybook entries:


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