The Simple Woman’s Daybook Wk 2

This year I have challenged myself to participate weekly in

“The Simple Woman’s Daybook” writings…..

Here is the second of what I hope to be many….52 to be exact.


January 10, 2009

Outside my window…

a beautiful yet VERY cold sunny Sunday morning….and Christmas decorations, that yes, are still up….

I am “coming off Christmas” s-l-o-w-l-y…..

I am thinking…

about my plans and thoughts for the new year.

I purposely waited until after the New Year, New Goals, New You Seminar yesterday to begin serious ponder of 2010.

I am glad I did. Going in a different direction that I had originally anticipated….

all good!

I am thankful for…

the cold weather we are experiencing here in Florida.

Weird, I know, compared to other Floridians but I am much more a turtleneck & boots gal than tank-tops and flip-flops. And yes, I grew up here in the sunshine state although I was born in Virginia. I think my heart and body temp/fashion sense lies a little northward.

From the learning rooms…

still working on development plans for the 2010/11 school year….

working on an assignment from my boss – “what do I want to “be” to our organization in 2010”…….

a new financial plan for our family/2010….

From the kitchen…

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Coffee with loads of creamer –

and a bowl of maple and brown sugar oatmeal with yes, more creamer….

I am a cream-a-holic.

I am wearing…

my new midnight blue snowflake flannel pjs – after Christmas bargain sale find! They are perfect for the “snow days” we are experiencing. It “snowed” in Florida yesterday….and seems cold enough again today for a repeat!

I am creating…

my  “10 for ’10” lists….lots of thinking and dreaming and planning and pondering!

I am going…

to take down “the beast” aka the Christmas tree today….or at least start. Maybe.

It’s 12 feet tall and is a story in itself.

I am also going to the New Year, New Goals, New You Seminar again later today….

not too late to join us…..check it out….

I am reading…

and reviewing several chapters “From Good to Great in God’s Eyes” by Chip Ingram – to help with my “10 for ’10” lists….hoped to have them done by today….

continuing my reads from last week…..I read from a different book each day.

usually takes me two to three weeks to finish 6 or 7 books–

depending how many I have going and how much I have going on…..

books are my friends and constant companions!

I am hoping…

and praying for a big “YES!” this week as our organization finalizes talks with a new facility.

so many BIG, NEW DREAMS could begin there…..

I am hearing…

Chris Tomlin singing “Our Great is our God” on Pandora….playing on my computer….

Hymns for Worship is my station choice this morning….

love this song….

Around the house…

there are still loads of Christmas decorations to be taken down and put away….and still not stressed by it.

been working on “getting back to normal” a little each morning.

although to me “normal” is pretty boring! I love decorations – holiday, seasonal, you name it!

again, like this fellow blogger says – I am coming off Christmas slowly!

One of my favorite things…

spending time with dear friends.

the “four friends” had lunch together yesterday….

first time in almost a year…..and sadly we didn’t schedule another “date”…..

hopefully, it won’t be a another year before we enjoy each other’s company again……

A few plans for the rest of the week:

the return of two more programs…

more development meetings….

an answer to our facility hunt…

my appointment for the annual “smashing”…….aka the much dreaded mammogram.

Here is picture for a thought I am sharing…

The Beast!!

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  1. Welcome to the Daybook! I just posted #71 and I still enjoy doing it each week. I hope you will find the same. I’m intrigued by your ’10 for 10′ ideas – I’ll be back to read more. Have a lovely week!

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