Stop your whining!

This week, at one of the programs I direct for homeschool students, we began a new activity….for the new year…..with a big new goal….a resolution of sorts….a habit-forming program….a “pie-in-the-sky-over -the -top” decree…..

The “Complaint Free World” challenge.

Oh my.

The challenge is to wear the Complaint Free World bracelet on your right wrist – continuously – for 21 days. Thus creating a new habit of not complaining. Because Ā “they” say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. And it typically takes 4-6 months for a CFW participant to hit the 21 consecutive days goal. Proof that forming a new habit from nothing takes 21 days and breaking a bad habit takes FOREVER.

So each participant, in our case the students and teachers, received a purple bracelet stamped with the words “A Complaint Free World.Org”. The bracelet is to be worn on your right wrist – until you complain – then it is moved to the left wrist. We passed out our bracelets during our General Assembly and did some “role playing” on what are factual statements – i.e. “I am cold” versus in your best whiny voice “I-am-soooo-cold-why-does-it-have-to-beeeeeee-soooooo-cold!!!!” (Did I mention it was 30 degrees this morning in central FLORIDA????) The kids then vowed to do their best to “not whine but shine in 2010” and off to class they went at 9:20am with no complaining in sight….

I made it about an hour.

Busted by 10:30.


The students (ages 6-12) were quite encouraging to me that I would do better tomorrow. Many of them made it the entire day without losing to the left. And one little guy even cleaned up his friend’s lunch “mess” because he didn’t want to complain about it.

This may work.

For the kids that is…..

To learn more about the Complaint Free World Challenge visit their website – and you can order yourself a purple bracelet too!

And let me know how you do on your first day….



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2 responses to “Stop your whining!

  1. Hi. This is Will Bowen. Thanks for blogging about us and please let us know how the kids do. BTW, I am in central Florida right now at Universal studios.

  2. makingitcount

    Hi Rev Bowen – I am honored that you stopped by my blog! Wish the weather was better for you here in Orlando….this is very unusual for us! You wouldn’t happen to have more bracelets with you??? šŸ˜‰
    I just discovered that my car was “robbed” – no damage so we aren’t sure how – but in addition to my gps, sound system and projector – the CFW tote bag and bracelets were stolen! Not complaining – just bummed! And hoping that the thief will put them to good use! šŸ™‚
    Thank you for your inspiration and passion to change our world – one complaint free day at a time!

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