10 for 10……

It’s a new year….

Time for “resolutions” – “goals” – “new habits” – “new to-do’s”…..

As I have focused this past month on my “to-be” list more than my “to-do” list, I don’t have a long list of resolutions, goals, new habits, etc for 2010 but what I am working on is my “Top Ten for 2010” list or as I would have it – “lists”- in the plural sense. Making ten lists of ten areas each that I plan to work on during 2010.

One of those list will most definitely include this goal or “to-do”: WRITE!

As in write and update the blog more, write your prayers more, write in your journal more, write your husband more, write your kids more, – just WRITE!

So over the next ten days I plan to ponder and plan, dream and scheme, prioritize and execute and WRITE  my “10 for 10” lists…

My first “10 for 10” list is inspired by Chip Ingram’s book – Good to Great in God’s Eyes, Ten Practices Great Christians Have in Common – so this one is an easy one to WRITE…because these are already “written”….

The 10 Practices List for 2010:

1. Think Great Thoughts

2. Read Great Books

3. Pursue Great People

4. Dream Great Dreams

5. Pray Great Prayers

6. Take Great Risks

7. Make Great Sacrifices

8. Enjoy Great Moments

9. Empower Great People

10. Develop Great Habits

My mentor and friend, Linda Werner, will be using Chip’s book as the catalyst for this year’s “New Year, New Goals, New You Seminar” – 10 for ’10 – Practices that Will Bring Clarity and Focus in 2010!

Check out this exciting seminar to encourage you in this new year, new decade, new start to going for those 10 practices in 2010 to becoming “great in God’s eyes”….hope to see you there!

And remember, make this day count!


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  1. Good to Great in God’s Eyes is a FANTASTIC Book…Life changing for sure!!

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