Saying goodbye to 2008…

What a difference a year makes!

As I say “bye bye” to 2008 and press on towards 2009, I can’t help but reflect on all that has transpired during this past year….and stand amazed.

So much has happened – transitioned – changed – ended…

I saw the Grand Canyon (it’s on my Bucket List!), Jake graduated, the kids went on mission trips, Rick came home from Arizona after being gone for 15 months, we endured major damage during TS Fay, Rick got a new job, Carla got a new job, we MOVED, we closed HKBI…


Grand Canyon - Jan 08



Jake's Graduation - May 08

Moved to Winter Park in FIVE Days- Dec 08
Moved to Winter Park in FIVE Days! Dec 08

Farewell dinner with HKBI Staff - Dec 08


Only God could have done this….and HE did.

 I am indeed blessed and grateful for all that came our way – or went – or stayed – or moved on –  or even ended during this past year.

Tonight, we’ll eat Chinese food( a Calvert family tradition) and list all our great memories of 2008 on a scrapbook page – attaching our “fortunes” from our dessert cookies (not that we actually believe in this things…) and reflect on if we made it all count.

Because for us that’s what it is all about….making it count.

Many blessings for your new year –

and remember, MAKE IT COUNT!


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