Resurrecting the Blog….

 or 101 things I have done, had going on or endured since I last blogged!

Life happens. It gets in the way – or it is the way –  of making things count. I am brushing off the dust from my blog and determined to “keep up” with the blogging world….especially now with all our changes, it will be a great way to stay connected with all ten the readers of my blog. I would like to come back and fill in the blanks (add posts/links/pictures) to this list of what I have been doing since I last blogged –  like that will really happen – it is a nice thought though.

Anywho, since my last post….

Planned & hosted our annual Wacky Olympics – what’s wacky is I am the most non-athletic person I know….but the kids love it.

Filmed our first “Homeschool Promo Video” – I know how to twist arms talk my staff into just about anything.

Hosted our annual Kick off the Fall meeting for HIS Kids

Celebrated my anniversary of motherhood…aka my oldest son’s birthday!

Survived our group’s testing week – my most unfavorite thing about HS leadership!

Had a great Mother’s Day

Attended our spectacular homeschool musical theater production – was shocked by a “surprise line”!

Saw Prince Caspian at midnight on opening night and then again 10 hours later

Wrapped up our Moms’ Bible Study for the year – still determined to finish my scrapbook

Celebration Night – My baby boy graduated!! I AM DONE!!! Woo-Hoo!!!

Attended the FPEA Conference in Orlando

Hubby came to Orlando from Tuscon – has been five months since my trip to Arizona – took him a day and a half to get there. He was flying – not driving. Let’s just say the word “tarmac” makes him shudder.

Liz & Matt came to Orlando from Vermont.

The family was all together  – minus one. Missing Jordan.

Celebrated Jacob’s FPEA Graduation.

Feeling truly – officially DONE. Now what?

Had a wonderful time bonding with the new HKBI leadership team at the FPEA convention

Kicked off our Summer Reading Program

Sent off Liz and Jacob to serve with Teen Missions – they led a team to Zambia – Orphan Angels

Met my hubby in Tampa for a friend’s wedding

Beautiful wedding of two beautiful people proving it is never too late for dreams to come true. Congrats Ed & Gina.

Spoke at Barnes & Noble on homeschooling

Jacob found his voice – sang at Teen Missions. Wow. Watch it here

Sent off Emily to serve with Teen Missions – she led a team to Samoa

Hosted the most awesome week long summer camp – “Kit Camp” – an American Girl Summer Learning Adventure

Fourteen girls – five days – TOO MUCH FUN!!!

Made strawberry jam with 14 girls – cleaning jam from kitchen – floors, cabinets, everywhere for months to follow.

Hosted another summer learning camp – Molly, An American Girl – a one day camp. Ditto the jam episode except we made apple pies. Apple everywhere. Red glitter on the ceiling.

Saw the Kit movie with 18 happy American Girls!

Hubby came home – woo hoo! For good….we thought…

Visited St Augustine with the Shoffs – planning a camping trip – great time – some of us even “wore” our fun!

Hosted another week long camp – To Be a Princess – ten girls, royal fun!

Scared the girls and the neighbors and my husband by dressing up as Cleopatra. Black hair on me is down right scary.

Hosted “Samantha” summer learning day – an elegant affair.

Ed & Gina over for dinner – more congrats in order – they’re pregnant! The honeymoon in Greece was definitely “magical”…..

Jake & Liz return from Zambia

Hosted HKBI Open Houses – beginning to see the numbers dwindled….

Still missing Jordan. He is somewhere in California.

Hosted the last of the summer learning camps – “Felicity” – two days of camp that stretched into three – TOO MUCH FUN!

“Colonial Tea” on the lawn with the Felicity girls – we were quite the sight.

Having “fun” with Craig’s list shopping for antiques – love it when Rick is in a buying mood!

Closed HIS Academy – a gut wrenching decision

Held the annual HKBI Parent Meeting. With a Migraine. And a handful of extra strength Excedrin. An evening they will not forget. Carla on “speed”.

Celebrated Rick’s last birthday before the BIG ONE. Reminding him that 50 is new 30.

Emily came home from Samoa. Don’t be late to the airport when retrieving a tired missionary. It is not pretty.

Hosted the “Not Back to School Breakfast” – our largest ever – 250 plus!

Tropical Storm Fay hit in August. Little did I know…..

Moved out of the master bedroom – water pouring in – began the “sentence” of sleeping in the library. I love my books but…

Closed HIS Homeroom Beachside. Extremely gut wrenching decision again (and yet no lost belly fat to report – I mean you’d think with all this gut wrenching stuff and all….) Realizing this may be the beginning of the end.

Rick goes to Atlanta for a job interview. For a job oversees. Far far away. Again. Sigh.

Still sleeping in the library in September. Waiting for repairs to begin. And more waiting.

Had our first HIS Hands on Day. Absolutely AWESOME.

Hosted the Book Ball – “The Book Hop” – so much fun!

Trapped in the library still in October – no end  repairmen in sight. Books give me nightmares now.

Rick receives his “exit date” of November 2nd. Hoping to be back in the master bedroom before he leaves…instead of the library. With no door. After six weeks we finally break down and buy a tension rod to hang a curtain door. Like that really helps…..

Repairs on the house begin – finally. We move back in the master bedroom with three days to spare!

Election brings the blues –  too many “blue” (states) that is…

One email – a day later – begins to change everything

Spent three days with my awesome mentor. Life gets interesting….again

Reality sets in for HKBI – numbers are not looking good. More gut wrenching decisions to make.

An offer I cannot refuse comes my way…only God could do this.

God confirms my steps through spewing sewage – literally.

Accepted my dream job – knees still shaking.

Rick comes home for Thanksgiving – we try to find a house to rent  in less than three days. Over Thanksgiving weekend. A miracle is needed.

For the first time in close to 30 years, I do not shop on Black Friday. Finding a place to live becomes priority.

We find a great house. One that is NOT:  “historic”  or  “charming”  or  “renovated” or  “remodeled”. My kids are happy. I am happy. Rick is happy.

I hold two meetings that shake me to my core. I kept repeating to myself  – “Closing is the brave thing to do. You are imagining a different life for yourself” – a favorite line from “You’ve Got Mail”…

The closing of HIS Kids begins – too many tears to count begin to flow….

We MOVE IN THREE DAYS – start to finish. I have amazing kids. And friends. Thank you.

Sent the hardest email/letter I have every written to HKBI families.

Received much love and support in response and received some not so supportive responses. Learning to shake it off….

Honored by my staff at a surprise dinner – I thought I was being taken to a secret intervention. I love these women.

Said good-bye for now to 70 or so of the most wonderful kids. Tried hard to keep my emotions and tears in check as I said my farewell “speech” – afterwards the kids just wanted to know when was lunch. Reality – check please!

I LOVE OUR NEW HOUSE! Now if I can just get it unpacked before I start “work”…

What??? Start work – GULP!!!



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2 responses to “Resurrecting the Blog….

  1. Sonia

    I know you’ve been through a lot this past year…including my “surprise line” in the musical. 🙂 But we still miss you, and appreciate all you’ve done over the past years. At least I still get to keep up with you here. 🙂

    Re: your post on things you want to do n the new year…can I go to Hawaii WITH you? 🙂 ha ha

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