Join me on this journey – THINK 4:8!

Hey 4:8 Thinkers,


As you know, The 8-Day Challenge starts tomorrow morning, Tuesday April 8th as soon as you wake up. If you want experience this challenge with a friend, family member, or coworker, make sure they have signed up by 4:08PM this afternoon. No kidding, this is the deadline for participation.To review the Ground Rules in detail, please visit my blog and scroll down.
Here’s a quick summary: 

  • Avoid any and all negative energy for eight consecutive days.
  • Steer clear of specific thoughts, words and deeds that violate the 4:8 principle.
  • Increase other thoughts, words, and behaviors that are in harmony with Philippians 4:8.
  • Remember, I will be giving you reminders, encouragement and other Positive Mental Nutrition each day for eight straight days.
  • If you violate 4:8 you MUST complete the EXTRA CREDIT assignment (The Challenge du Jour) to make up for your slip.
  • Invite four other important relationships to participate in this experiment with you.
  • For accountability, it’s important that at least four other people know that you are attempting this, even if they end up ditching you.

Remember, each moment is a fresh start when you improve the way you think!
Thanks and have fun,
Coach Newberry






Join me on this journey – send me an email if you are participating and let’s help another along the way!

THINK 4:8 and as always….

Make it count!



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  1. Making It Count is what my book is all about. It would go well with your mission. Enjoy!

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