Traveling with BOYS – Lessons Learned

Yes, I know it has been a wait – I am failing miserably at this blogging thing! Determined to do better this week – after all it is Spring Break around here…

Anywho…to catch up…

I took my American Government *class* to Philadelphia a week or so ago. I like saying that I took my class. It sounds better that saying I took two kids. Even better than saying I took Jacob (my ds) and his friend Parker.

You know us homeschoolers…always re-defining things….

I have made several “historic journeys” north with students from our homeschool group – this was the first with “just boys”.

Here are a few lessons learned from traveling with boys –

#1 – They travel light. One carry on. Not sure of the necessity since there was not 14 outfit changes in the two days we were there. This was a typical happening when traveling with girls.

#2 – They don’t like gift shops. Especially the musuem type. This is where the girls & I would spent the majority of our time.

#3 – No Kodak moments. Neither of the guys brought a camera – even though they both own nice digitals. So we have pictures on my phone. Probably forever stuck on my phone. Not sure how to get them outta there.

#4 – Bathroom breaks are minimal. Why is that?

#5 – Final lesson learned – no matter how historically signifcant, how old, who lived there, stood there, died there, etc. sites to see & places to visit hold no comparison to the 22 high school cheerleaders that accompanied us on the flight back to Orlando. Let’s just say that when you ask about Philly, these two guys have a new vision of the “City of Brotherly L-O-V-E” and the phone numbers to prove it!

They were making it count!

Now if I could just figure out where the thingamajig is that will get these pics off my phone….

 Making it count,



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  1. It doesn’t get better as they get older?!?!? Please at least tell me that they can pack coordinating outfits…and then wear it as a coordinating outfit. I need SOMETHING to look forward to. 🙂

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