Easter thoughts and memories…

 A portion of this post is from my Friday night date   weekly update to our homeschool organization – HIS Kids

Blessings to you & yours on this Easter weekend!

As you gather together this weekend to celebrate God’s grace and mercy shown to us by the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, I pray that you hold those dear to you just a little tighter – and for a little longer.

I have been working on putting together an “Easter” scrapbook for the last week or so. You see, I am not a “scrapbooker” – not even a diligent picture taker (as my younger children will testify – there aren’t many pictures of them as little children) – so this is quite a feat for me.

As I have sifted through the years of pictures from my children’s “Easters” – twenty five years worth to be exact – I have been flooded with memories and emotions. Some have moved me to tears. Some make me laugh. But they all bring one common thought to my mind….


I know you hear people say “they go by so fast” and you shake your head and think, “yeah – right, its been days since I have had a moment to myself and the only thing that goes fast around here is how high the laundry pile grows”.

Please know that what you are doing – right now – as homeschooling parents is invaluable to your children’s lives. You will not regret this time spent with your children. You may look back and say “where did the time go” but you will have taken the time to use those years wisely by pouring into your child’s heart on a daily basis – and yes, their minds, too. However, I do believe when you are “done” with this homeschool journey, you will look back and not regret these days. You’ll just want more – I know I do!

As my children have grown up and I have grown older, it makes me wish for those days of long ago. I tend to get very melancholy over the holidays now – they aren’t as much “fun” as they were when the kids were little. I seem to be in a “funk” over it at times. Unmovable as far as defining this stage we are in – with all “adults” in the house – knowing that I should be doing or creating something “fun” or memorable for them as young adults – but finding myself either tired, worn out or lacking the creativity to do so.

Anyone else out there feeling this way?

It’s been a weird season of holidays for us lately – hubby’s been gone for a year, my oldest dd & hubby are all the way up in Vermont, then there’s the prodigal who weighs heavy on my heart everyday and most especially on holidays, and then the three at home – who are gone most of the time with work & play.


As I have reminisced this week looking through the pictures of Easter outfits, egg hunts, family gatherings at my grandmother’s, –  it has made me appreciate and cherish those times together even more.

And again, IT GOES BY SO FAST!!

So in closing, take the time this weekend to enjoy togetherness as a family – worship together –  fully engage with your children in the true meaning of Easter – take some pictures – make some memories – and most of all, make it count!

Because He Lives – I am making it count!



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