My Baby Girl is 20…

Wasn’t it just yesterday when this beautiful creature entered my life?


How can she be twenty years old?

Twenty years ago I took one look at her and knew I had just given birth to “my bestest friend”….and no worries, I have neat little names like that for all my kids so no one feels left out you know. Emily is my fourth child, my second daughter. Each child is so unique. Sometimes I feel a little sad for parents who just have one or two kids….you miss seeing all these different personalities. Although in retrospect, my two oldest couldn’t be any more different (and that would be another post…) – so I guess two can give you a clue as to what I mean.

Anyway, back to my Emily. She is the joy of my life, the order of our home (her name means “orderliness” and boy, does she live up to it!), and a willing servant of her Lord. She has grown into a wonderful young woman who loves Jesus, children, families and missions – and spends her time serving through those passions.

Her dad and I couldn’t be more proud –  actually we are honored by who she is and who she has become.

Thank you, Emily, for coming into our lives twenty years ago today. And thank you Lord for the honor of being her parents. We are so blessed!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Emily in Zambia      

To read more about Emily’s amazing adventures in Zambia with Teen Missions, check out this special report done by Flordia Today newspaper –

Be Blessed! Make this Day Count!




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3 responses to “My Baby Girl is 20…

  1. Well happy birthday to her! She sounds perfectly lovely!

  2. Goodness – my oldest baby turned 20 in January. That was a major moment in this moms life. Where does the time go? Your daughter is precious!

  3. Robin Moon

    What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful young lady. I’m thankful for the mentor she’s been to my daughter for so many years… and I hope years to come!

    Thank You and Happy Birthday Emily!

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