Notes from the Coastal Curriculum Fair

I heard John Stonestreet from Summit Ministries speak today at the Coastal Curriculum Fair in Vero Beach. As always, he was powerful and direct. His words rang true on many different levels – but none more so than when he spoke on:

Why Secular Education is Doomed to Fail”

Some of the key points John brought to mind are:

“Education in itself without character (education/building) is dangerous”

And on the secular curriculum models – pondering “What does it do?” versus “What is it for?”

Are we raising and educating human “doings” – who know what to do, how to do it, etc. or is the goal to raise human beings who know why they are here and what they are here “for” (God’s plan, purpose & pleasure)?

Bottom line – the secular education model is not going to point your children to God, to His plan, or to His purpose. It has no moral value. It will teach them how to make a living but will not educate them on how to make a life that brings glory and honor to their Creator. How can it when the secular education model does not honor their Creator?

It was an amazing seminar.

To learn more, visit

John will also be speaking at the FPEA Convention in May and Worldview Ministries will be hosting the Teen & Children’s program during the convention.

Here is a YouTube clip of John speaking:

Be Blessed! Make this Day Count!



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